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The text below is the one found on the current portal (to be rewritten before the end of the year when the EEA will reorganise the operation of the Helpdesk.

If you experience any problem on Eionet Forum or Reportnet web sites, please let us know immediately. You can mail us on

User account management

Eionet Helpdesk is a central contact point for requests for new user access. A new user who wants to get access rights to Eionet Forum or other Reportnet services (CDR, ROD, DD, etc.) has to contact Eionet Helpdesk first.

Eionet user accounts are maintained centrally: you can access all tools and services in domain with one user account, provided that local access permissions have been granted by local site administrators.

Further information

Before sending your question to Eionet Helpdesk, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). (Note: There is only one FAQ, since 2014)

You can recover forgotten passwords on this page: Password reset.

Helpdesk agents use the agent log-in to access the tickets in their queue.

Helpdesk customers can use the customer log-in to access their own tickets.